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DarkXL Alpha, Build 9.08

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Released: Nov 18, 2010
Updated: Nov 18, 2010 by lucius_dxl
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Release Notes

DarkXL Alpha Build 9.08
This game only works with the full RETAIL version of Dark Forces. Make sure that when installing Dark Forces to do a complete install with all data files on the harddrive, otherwise the game will not startup. If you want to discuss the build, use this forum topic. If you are having trouble the following command line arguments may help diagnose the problem:

-safe : run the minimum settings, windowed, 800×600. From here you can re-enable settings to figure out the problematic setting. Use this if DarkXL gets into a bad state.

-nosound : run DarkXL without any sound or midi support. If you’re having trouble with OpenAL drivers, this may help verifying the issue.

DarkXL Alpha version 9.08

*3DO Texture fixes – now most 3DO’s are textured correctly, included 3DO bridges.
*Shoot switches now work correctly.
*Due to INF fixes, things like Force Fields now work correctly.
*Magnetically Sealed Rooms now work (rooms that cause blaster bolts to be reflected off the walls).
*Land Mines now work (though the explosion radius seems too big still).
*Exploding walls work.
*Dynamically switching adjoins now work.
*Stop delays of less then 1 second are now supported, fixing many areas with strobing lights and texture animation.
*Non-Player objects now honor second heights properly.
*Order of loading issues fixed, which fixes issues with objects being assigned to the wrong sectors in some cases.
*Teleport Chutes implemented.
*Secret tracking, the proper percentage of found secrets is now displayed in your PDA.
*Most enemies are now implemented.
*First pass (incomplete) Dark Trooper (Phase 1, 2 and 3) AI and Boba Fett AI. These will be finished next build but are in so the levels are completable.
*Boss elevators work correctly.
*Fixed jumping/falling so that you can jump onto very skinny ledges (needed for the Arc Hammer)
*Implemented Damage Floors, Walls and Gas.
*Implemented the Gas Mask.
*All Briefing screens now render correctly.
*A lot of INF fixes (too numerous to list).
*All levels completable (except maybe the last boss – this is glitchy still).

*Issues with iMuse MIDI playback.
*The Boss on the final level is glitchy – the game may not be completable without cheating.
*No secondary fire yet.
*Floating enemies don’t move down to pass through adjoins.
*AI still needs more tweaking.
*Music completely stops and restarts on loop when playing on Talay.
*Some sky textures are aligned incorrectly.
*Some weapons are still missing.
*Two enemies are still missing.

When you download the zip file, put it in any directory you like. Then open up DXL_Settings.txt and set the correct Dark Forces directory for “DForces”. All other settings need to be set in-game using the Configuration menu. Eventually the settings text file will be completed removed. You’ll probably need to change the resolution seettings, it defaults to 1024×768 fullscreen. If you suffer from a black screen (except for 2D) – try disabling bloom.

To load a custom gob, use the following command line:

DarkXL.exe -uGobName.gob

To open the map editor:
DarkXL.exe -eLevelName.lev

If you don’t have OpenAL installed you’ll need to get and install that, link is at the bottom.
Also you may need to update DirectX, follow the DirectX WebInstaller link at the bottom to do so.

Mouse to turn.
Forward: ‘W’
Back: ‘S’
StrafeLeft: ‘A’
StrafeRight: ‘D’
Slow: ‘Caps Lock’
Run: ‘Left Shift’
Crouch: ‘Left Ctrl’
Nudge: ‘Right Mouse’
Jump: ‘Space Bar’
Shoot: ‘Left Mouse’
IR Goggles: F2
Gas Mask: F4
Headlights: F5
Map: TAB
EscMenu: ESC
Cheat – float upward: ‘F’
Cheat – move through any adjoin: ‘G’

See for more information.

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